all occasions

Swann stays up to date with the beauty trends to accommodate everyone and for all occasions. From natural makeup looks and effortless hair styles, to bold makeup and iconic hairdos.


You have been preparing for your competition for several months. It is now time to put the final touches together - The Glam! Swann has herself competed in fitness for many years and knows the importance of relaxing before a competition. She will give you a first class experience to help you unwind and enjoy this time for yourself all while doing her magic. She will bring the sparkles and create her signature stage look, known as elegant.  




Think about the time that you attended an event and thought, I wish I had my own hair and makeup person! Or, have you been apart of a bridal party running from the salon to the hotel to the venue, always short on time? Have you looked back on photos from past events realizing your hair fell apart or your makeup washed out from the flash of the camera?  We have all experienced one time or another of having a bad hair day or felt our make up just didn’t look like ourselves. Swann wants to make those occasional bad experiences into great ones that give you confidence and peace of mind.